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31 Mar 2017

Learn how to Nail the Sale!

Written by: Nancy Monsipapa

Learn how to Nail the Sale!

Most entrepreneurs are great with their ideas along with the products and services that they are anxious to bring to the market. Sometimes the biggest challenge is finally having a business or individual stand up and purchase what you’re selling. Yes, I am talking about Sales, The dreaded “S” word; everything that happens around your business in the early stages will revolve around sales. I have seen that entrepreneurs are good at raising money and spending money, but fall short of making some concrete sales to help move your company forward.

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16 Mar 2017

Social Media for Entrepreneurs (Not Dummies)

Written by: Melissa Santell

Social media is no longer just social, it’s a lifestyle. Outside of talking to each other, we’re buying our favorite products, connecting with brands we love and celebrating shareable life moments. It’s everywhere, is always at our fingertips and gives us everything we crave, including instant gratification. So, if you’re an entrepreneur with a new business you should ask yourself this question: If you’re not on social media, do you really exist? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Vine. This isn’t just a laundry list of platforms… it’s a road map of opportunities for entrepreneurs like you to grow your business.

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09 Mar 2017

Want a hot tip to get your customer to do the marketing for you?

Written by: Susie Pecuch

Imagine you’re on beautiful Anna Maria Island off the west coast of Florida. You take a break from the sun and make your way up the island’s main street. You stroll past several stores that feature the expected beach t-shirts and souvenirs, huge sale banners and then you come across… This hand-painted sign that reads: Our shop is Open just for you!

Curious? Put a smile on your face? Perhaps you’ve learned something about who is inside before your hand even touches the doorknob?  

As business owners, we get customers in the door any way we can – sales, blogs, ad campaigns, but let’s ask ourselves, “What is the REAL goal?”

The “Open Just for You” sign is at an art co-op where local artists sell art and products featuring the beach. The store, called The Back Alley, bills itself as “wild treasures for funky souls.”

I like art. I like to think I am a funky soul. Even more, I like to think that I am special enough that someone is open “JUST for Me.” To top it off, I can’t resist a great moment that makes me smile. Can you? Continue reading Want a hot tip to get your customer to do the marketing for you?

02 Mar 2017

Five Financial Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

Written by: Lori Nadglowski

 Making financial mistakes in your company could cost you in a big way, it could cripple or tank your business. If your mistakes are serious enough, you can be facing a lawsuit, which could jeopardize your company’s cash flow and income. But if you have the right tools in hand, you can make well-informed decisions that could keep your company thriving.

Here are some of the financial mistakes made by entrepreneurs:

Hiring the Wrong Attorney

An attorney is essential when drafting the agreement that outlines how important decisions will be handled in the business.  And when choosing an attorney, make sure they understand your industry, the structure and how the company is valued.  The more comprehensive the agreement the less likely there will be disputes in the future.

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25 Feb 2017

Grab the attention of your clients with this secret…

Written by: Matt Ashwood

With the all the social media noise everywhere, it may seem hard to get your posts noticed by your ideal client. But don’t you worry, this blog will give you some helpful tips that will grab the attention of your ideal client. Yes, I know that it may seem hard to fathom that your social media content could reach your ideal client, but trust me with a little help, you’ll be on your way…Scout’s honor.   

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15 Feb 2017

Five Ways to Increase Profits Through Your Employees

Written by: Cindy Moran

In any competitive industry, companies must continuously evolve to attract, satisfy and keep clientele.  New customer rewards programs, new technology and increased focus on electronic reviews are all on the top of the list in 2017. But at the end of the day, it is your people that connect your products and services to your end consumer.

Here are five tips that will increase your profits and customer satisfaction:

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10 Feb 2017

Five Content Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2017


Written by: Jennifer Frazier

Google is becoming addicted to content. Not just any content, but the kind that gets people to react, to think, to take action. Content marketing is nothing new. Advertisers have been doing it for decades. What’s changed is the delivery of that content. What’s revolutionized content marketing is the way we can tailor it to fit a wide variety of media, and the exploding rise of online interaction by content consumers.

If you don’t already have a content marketing strategy, now is the time to forge one. Once you find your company’s voice, and create content that makes it sing, you will be rewarded with better brand visibility and more goal conversions – whether they are sales, leads or audience building.

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08 Feb 2017

What was your first introduction to Entrepreneurism?

Written by: Julie Ziglar Norman

Money, naturally, is the gauge most people use to determine their level of success, whether it be in direct marketing, direct sales, in privately owned business or even corporately. My father, motivational icon Zig Ziglar, had many truthful sayings about money. He said that there were times when he had plenty of money and there were times when he didn’t have any money, but he had discovered that it is far better to have money.

He also said that money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen. Daddy even noted that money is a lovely color of green that absolutely goes with everything! He always ended his funny money quotes by saying that he was blessed to have many of the things that money could buy – a nice house, a nice car, a good mattress, etc. and all of the things money could not buy – a home, a good night’s sleep, peace of mind, and the list goes on.

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