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26 Apr 2017

The Path of Product Development

Written by: Alexandria Ray Agresta

Alexandria Ray Agresta headshotSo, what is product development anyway? It’s a term overused in the entrepreneurship world quite a bit, but is a key to understanding early on in the journey. Product development is a series of steps that include conceptualization, design, development and marketing of a newly created product or service. That’s pretty broad if you ask me. Let’s break it down.

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25 Apr 2017


Is your business creating a Golden Parachute or Golden Handcuffs?

Written by: Jeff Snyder

Most likely you created your business for financial success, control over your independence, time freedom or to expand your God given gifts. You gave up a paycheck, matched 401K, possibly a pension and a ready-made team of professionals to rely on. Ahhh but you also gave up being an employee who can be downsized at any given time for any reason.  But too often we end up being an indentured servant to ourselves…who is generally much harder to satisfy than any manager! In essence, we are still an employee with less security and more responsibility.


21 Apr 2017

Crowdfunding Creates a Direct Connection to Consumers – The Travel Jacket Success Story

Written by: Colin Trethewey

In January 2015 when entrepreneur Hiral Sanghavi arrived at his finance’s apartment after a long flight from Chicago to San Francisco, he was missing his travel pillow – again. It was a common theme in this long-distance relationship. Hiral would depart with a new travel pillow on his weekly commutes from San Fran to Chicago and at some point, he would lose it.

On this January night Hiral and his fiancé decided it was time to solve this problem.

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14 Apr 2017

Four Steps to Breaking the Delegation Paradox

Written by: Lisa Huetteman

The obvious solution, if you are an entrepreneur who is stretched too thin, is to hire someone to help you.  The paradox is that when you hire someone, instead of getting rid of things to do, you’ve just added more items to your plate. Now, you have to communicate, motivate, delegate, and follow-up. You’re a trainer, a cheerleader and a payroll clerk. You fill the gaps where hand-offs happen. And if that’s not enough, when things get done, you must fix them because they aren’t done the way you want.  No wonder people think “It is easier to just do it myself!”

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13 Apr 2017

Making LinkedIn Work for You

Written by: Liz Lopez

Everyone always says you need to network to be successful in business.  But let’s get real, how many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners can you attend on a weekly basis?  Networking, while important and even rewarding, takes time and energy.  Both resources can be in limited supply for busy Entrepreneurs.  The good news is that you can network effectively from your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Making LinkedIn Work For You

In almost 10 years of teaching LinkedIn workshops, I’ve found that professionals and business owners have 3 top reasons for ignoring LinkedIn.  In my workshops, I teach strategies to overcome these top barriers and make LinkedIn a thriving sales pipeline:

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