15 Feb 2017

Five Ways to Increase Profits Through Your Employees

Written by: Cindy Moran

In any competitive industry, companies must continuously evolve to attract, satisfy and keep clientele.  New customer rewards programs, new technology and increased focus on electronic reviews are all on the top of the list in 2017. But at the end of the day, it is your people that connect your products and services to your end consumer.

Here are five tips that will increase your profits and customer satisfaction:

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10 Feb 2017

Five Content Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2017


Written by: Jennifer Frazier

Google is becoming addicted to content. Not just any content, but the kind that gets people to react, to think, to take action. Content marketing is nothing new. Advertisers have been doing it for decades. What’s changed is the delivery of that content. What’s revolutionized content marketing is the way we can tailor it to fit a wide variety of media, and the exploding rise of online interaction by content consumers.

If you don’t already have a content marketing strategy, now is the time to forge one. Once you find your company’s voice, and create content that makes it sing, you will be rewarded with better brand visibility and more goal conversions – whether they are sales, leads or audience building.

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08 Feb 2017

What was your first introduction to Entrepreneurism?

Written by: Julie Ziglar Norman

Money, naturally, is the gauge most people use to determine their level of success, whether it be in direct marketing, direct sales, in privately owned business or even corporately. My father, motivational icon Zig Ziglar, had many truthful sayings about money. He said that there were times when he had plenty of money and there were times when he didn’t have any money, but he had discovered that it is far better to have money.

He also said that money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen. Daddy even noted that money is a lovely color of green that absolutely goes with everything! He always ended his funny money quotes by saying that he was blessed to have many of the things that money could buy – a nice house, a nice car, a good mattress, etc. and all of the things money could not buy – a home, a good night’s sleep, peace of mind, and the list goes on.

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31 Oct 2016

A Perfect Example Of Why Focus On You Clients Enjoy A 95% Success Rate

That’s right, 95 percent of all Focus On YOU Strategy clients are able to reach their goals, overcome obstacles and propel their careers forward. Here’s just one of many examples:

Case Study – Tracee Brock, Commercial Relationship Manager

The Situation

Tracee Brock is a busy intrapreneur who was struggling to strike a work-life balance. With a demanding career in the banking industry, she was having trouble figuring out how to achieve both her professional and personal goals.

“I needed constructive feedback,” said Tracee. “Someone to help me make the necessary changes to be successful.”

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31 Oct 2016

Why Focus On Entrepreneurs?

America’s entrepreneurial spirit is thriving and growing faster than just about any other segment of America’s economy. According to a new report from the Globfoy-entrepreneur-photo-illustrational Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), there are 27 million working-age Americans—nearly 14 percent—starting or running new businesses. That’s a record high for this 16-year study and an impressive figure for a developed economy, where finding work with an employer is easier and capturing market share hard than in less-developed nations.

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