The Path of Product Development

Written by: Alexandria Ray Agresta So, what is product development anyway? It’s a term overused in the entrepreneurship world quite a bit, but is a key to understanding early on in the journey. Product development is a series of steps that include conceptualization, design, development and marketing of a newly created product or service. That’s … Continue reading →The Path of Product Development


Is your business creating a Golden Parachute or Golden Handcuffs? Written by: Jeff Snyder Most likely you created your business for financial success, control over your independence, time freedom or to expand your God given gifts. You gave up a paycheck, matched 401K, possibly a pension and a ready-made team of professionals to rely on. … Continue reading →LANDING ON YOUR BUSINESS A$$ETS

Crowdfunding Creates a Direct Connection to Consumers – The Travel Jacket Success Story

Written by: Colin Trethewey In January 2015 when entrepreneur Hiral Sanghavi arrived at his finance’s apartment after a long flight from Chicago to San Francisco, he was missing his travel pillow – again. It was a common theme in this long-distance relationship. Hiral would depart with a new travel pillow on his weekly commutes from … Continue reading →Crowdfunding Creates a Direct Connection to Consumers – The Travel Jacket Success Story

Four Steps to Breaking the Delegation Paradox

Written by: Lisa Huetteman The obvious solution, if you are an entrepreneur who is stretched too thin, is to hire someone to help you.  The paradox is that when you hire someone, instead of getting rid of things to do, you’ve just added more items to your plate. Now, you have to communicate, motivate, delegate, … Continue reading →Four Steps to Breaking the Delegation Paradox

What was your first introduction to Entrepreneurism?

Written by: Julie Ziglar Norman Money, naturally, is the gauge most people use to determine their level of success, whether it be in direct marketing, direct sales, in privately owned business or even corporately. My father, motivational icon Zig Ziglar, had many truthful sayings about money. He said that there were times when he had … Continue reading →What was your first introduction to Entrepreneurism?

Why Focus On Entrepreneurs?

America’s entrepreneurial spirit is thriving and growing faster than just about any other segment of America’s economy. According to a new report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), there are 27 million working-age Americans—nearly 14 percent—starting or running new businesses.

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