Making LinkedIn Work for You

Written by: Liz Lopez Everyone always says you need to network to be successful in business.  But let’s get real, how many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners can you attend on a weekly basis?  Networking, while important and even rewarding, takes time and energy.  Both resources can be in limited supply for busy Entrepreneurs.  The good … Continue reading →Making LinkedIn Work for You

Social Media for Entrepreneurs (Not Dummies)

Written by: Melissa Santell Social media is no longer just social, it’s a lifestyle. Outside of talking to each other, we’re buying our favorite products, connecting with brands we love and celebrating shareable life moments. It’s everywhere, is always at our fingertips and gives us everything we crave, including instant gratification. So, if you’re an entrepreneur with … Continue reading →Social Media for Entrepreneurs (Not Dummies)

Grab the attention of your clients with this secret…

Written by: Matt Ashwood With the all the social media noise everywhere, it may seem hard to get your posts noticed by your ideal client. But don’t you worry, this blog will give you some helpful tips that will grab the attention of your ideal client. Yes, I know that it may seem hard to … Continue reading →Grab the attention of your clients with this secret…

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