31 Mar 2017

Learn how to Nail the Sale!

Written by: Nancy Monsipapa

Learn how to Nail the Sale!

Most entrepreneurs are great with their ideas along with the products and services that they are anxious to bring to the market. Sometimes the biggest challenge is finally having a business or individual stand up and purchase what you’re selling. Yes, I am talking about Sales, The dreaded “S” word; everything that happens around your business in the early stages will revolve around sales. I have seen that entrepreneurs are good at raising money and spending money, but fall short of making some concrete sales to help move your company forward.

Filling the role of the chief sales person is maybe the most important purpose you can fill in your growing business, so how can you master the craft of selling with so much on your plate already? You are about to be filled with twenty-five years of selling wisdom and take it for what it is worth. We are going to concentrate on the basics because if you can master the basics, you can master sellin

1. Invest in a Great Contact Management System: CRM is great to use, but Salesforce.com is the leader and is very inexpensive and powerful reporting and tracking tool that is much more than just tracking prospects. I have seen this software transform a company inside and out. Losing track of one valuable prospect or missing one essential follow-up call can make or break a sale. Do not rely on your perfected Post-it note system for making sales.

2. Know Your Value Add: What is it that your company will deliver to the prospect that he cannot live without? Along with your Value Add, what is your memorized 30-second pitch? You find yourself at a cocktail party and someone asks THE question “So what do you do”? This is a chance to hammer a home run in 15 to 30 seconds. Do not stammer for five minutes telling them about what you are developing or the company you are launching. You are selling right here and right now. How about this for example: “We help companies that are challenged by internet hackers and we provide a barbed wire cyber fortress around their intellectual property”. You talked about what problem you address and you talk about the solution you provide in one sentence. When your value exceeds price, people will give you their money.

3. Focus on The Customer: All the time and never talk about how awesome you are until you are making huge statements because all you have to do is back it up. It is not being cocky or arrogant if you can do what you say you can do.

4. Focus on Your Customer’s Problem & Present a Solution: A presentation is not a presentation if you do not ask for their business. Always end a sales presentation with asking for their business.

You can ask many different ways, just look for our podcast coming this spring 2017, “Nail the Sale”.

As an entrepreneur, nailing the sale can make you feel apprehensive, but with the right strategy in place, you can be successful and your business can grow financially. Join me at the Focus on Entrepreneurs Conference on April 27-28 at the Hilton Bayfront in St.Petersburg, FL to hear more ways to avoid some of the common financial mistakes made by entrepreneurs.

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  1. Debbie Laino April 5, 2017 at 3:03 am - Reply

    Nancy, you are a brilliant leader with so much wisdom to share with an Entrepreneur!! I know your conference will be a success. Nailing the Sale is a very definite skill that will make or break the financial success of any business. I wish I could be there!

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