Brian Kornfeld

Founder and CEO of PopKorn Apps, LLC

Brian Kornfeld, born and raised in the Tampa Bay area, is an experienced entrepreneur and leader of software, hardware, and integrated engineering developments. He is the owner of PopKorn
Apps, LLC, a mobile application development company geared at helping entrepreneurs see their vision become a reality at an affordable price. PopKorn Apps works as its own start-up incubator,
helping people with ideas get them developed and to market while providing necessary guidance and business consulting to new entrepreneurs. Brian is certified in multiple facets of project
management, as well as being a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Expert.

He graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering, the University of Florida with a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering, and the
University of South Florida with a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on Executive Leadership. Brian has been a pre-flight tester for satellites that are now flying in
outer space, a quality analyst for the assembly line for multiple military aircraft, and a project lead for hand-held encryption devices, and an in-house consultant for a major data and
marketing company, helping save this business millions of dollars while increasing revenues and speed to clients.
He has also been Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and shareholder in multiple startups while leading development of the first application to be released to the
public. In his last role prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Brian was a Senior Program Manager, responsible for the software development of a $25M database project with customers on 4
continents that was amidst chaos and has been brought back to being on time and under-budget. As the founder and CEO of PopKorn Apps, Brian now focuses on Lean
development while working to achieve high goals, and growth of business ideas to help an entrepreneur take a vision and make it a reality.


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