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Carissa Giblin

Leadership Educator, Partner of Voyager Leadership Training, Speaker, Facilitator, Coach

Carissa has 20 years of experience in technical and production workplaces as a manager, consultant and individual contributor. Starting as a college graduate, Carissa had the opportunity to supervise a crew for a 24-hour production and began observing leadership styles. After a decade of managing roles, she honed influencing skills (since sans the title) across multiple departments. Her process improvement consultant role allowed her to understand the impact of leadership directly on performance.

Carissa earned her Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from USF but didn’t stop there. She is a certified Process Master, Six Sigma Green Belt, Dale Carnegie Leadership graduate, Kerry Patterson’s Crucial Conversations and a lifelong student of ontology. Carissa is proud to coach others to success in their business and personal lives. Her current role has blossomed out of years of formal and informal mentoring and influencing relationships. She believes great leaders are made, not born. With practicality and persistence, anyone can influence.

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