Chris Krimitsos

Chief Creative Officer at Podfest Multi Media Expo

Chris Krimitsos has made it his passion to provide the best cutting edge education to the Tampa Bay business community so that we may all have an opportunity to have a competitive advantage by empowering us with the newest tools and best practices for business growth. As technology breeds opportunities for business growth both online and offline, Chris has always made it his project to find the finest in-the-trenches trainers to raise the collective knowledge of the whole community.

He has produced award winning TV shows, The Bleepin Truth and Millionaire Mindset with clips that are still being purchased and shown around the world. As a producer and marketing phenom he just recently launched a documentary called The Messengers, destined to go worldwide with his marketing skills.

In September 2011, Chris was voted one of the Top 3 Best Speakers in Tampa Bay by The Tampa Bay Business Journal (#1 was Tony Dungy, Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coach and #2 was Pam Iorio, Tampa’s past Mayor). Chris speaks with passion, experience and knowledge as he educates business owners and business professionals. His objective is to positively impact as many people as possible and make a difference in the world, and his business endeavors provide the perfect platform to be able to do that through running his company, educating, speaking, writing and building a strong community of business people who truly care about making a difference. Don’t miss the chance to hear what Chris has learned through the years and what’s next for the future.

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