Jeff Snyder

CEO, JP Snyder Inc

For the first 40 years of my life, I followed my father’s advice…It was a simple formula:

Good Grades + Big Stable Company + Hard Work x Years = Recognition + Rewards + Security + Retirement

I executed the plan religiously and things appeared to be going well. Then something happened that changed the way I viewed life forever. My father passed away unexpectedly and I was thrown in the middle of sorting out my mother’s financial future. Things never happen to us, they happen for us. And this synchronistic event began my new path.

I graduated from college with a double major in mathematics and economics and then began my career with Procter & Gamble. My career spanned 15 years, several promotions, and international experience and was, according to my father’s formula, tracking toward success.

My father’s passing placed me directly in the world of finance, investments, and retirement planning. I quickly discovered a world lacking in solid understandable information and clearly rigged toward one approach…the Wall Street approach. An approach that would never resonate with my mother let alone provide her the peace of mind she longed for and deserved. This process started a life long pursuit of identifying and sharing with the world, great financial and investment strategies that offer the opportunity for great returns without the risk and fees associated with the traditional stock market…The Best Investments You’ve Never Heard Of!

A new opportunity as a manager for a national insurance company focused on retirement planning was a catalyst for continuing my metamorphous from student to teacher and led to beginning the type of financial services firm that I saw as a void in the industry, JP Snyder. I created our independent investment firm to transform business owners, entrepreneurs and investors who wanted “off Wall Street” options. Over these years, I have uncovered the secrets of successful wealth building from our high net worth clients that has allowed me to develop a proprietary approach to financial freedom.

Irony: I was hired by P&G to provide risk mitigation, but upon reflection, violated most risk prevention rules in my personal life. All my financial eggs were in the company basket. Every aspect of my financial life was dependent upon the company. I had no diversification in terms of income, investments, or protection. I was a prisoner of work.

What I learned: I had the wrong goal and approach. My goal was to trade time for money to my company and hope they would reward me and provide security. The true goal should have been “Work Optional Wealth”, wealth that makes work optional. Not that you wouldn’t continue to do the things you love, but wouldn’t be nice to have the choice?

Passive reliable residual income is clearly the name of the game! My approach was to trade time for money and count on the company and government to take care of me. Developing a process to harvest profits from cash flow to create assets outside my business that provides passive income so I could stop trading time for money was my key breakthrough.

Jeff’s areas of expertise:

  • Off Wall Street strategies such as Cash Value Life Insurance, Life Settlements, Structured Settlements, Structured Cash Flows, Annuities and Arbitrage Strategies for Guaranteed Income/Growth
  • Best in Class Network of Professionals specializing in Commercial Cash Flow Real Estate, Oil & Gas Offerings and PPM’s (Private Equity)
  • Coaching Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Retirees and Investors on “How to identify their goals and introduce the tools that can transform their resources into their dreams!
  • Developing Charitable Strategies for all levels of Donors and providing Portfolio Volatility Protection for Endowment Funds

Jeff and Judi Snyder are independent financial professionals who specialize in educating our clients on “The Best Investments You’ve Never Heard Of”. Many of these unique “alternative investment strategies” are uncorrelated to today’s stock market volatility, real estate market volatility, United States economy or world economy. All of our recommended strategies offer the opportunity for great gains without market risk or fees.

Jeff and Judi are fiercely committed to teaching the secrets of “Work Optional Wealth”, programs that educate investors on how to build wealth that makes work optional. They help their clients to identify their financial goals and objectives and develop money rules that facilitate the purpose for their money. Every client receives their personalized “Wealth TrackTM” a proprietary roadmap to permanent wealth.


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