Joel Freedman

President & Executive Producer of 2 Hungry Dogs Productions

Joel Freedman is the President and Executive Producer of 2 Hungry Dogs Productions. Joel has over 25 years of experience in the video industry. He continues to provide broadcast quality video production for clients like CBS News, Fox News, ESPN, MSNBC and more.

Experience – Before starting 2 Hungry Dogs Productions Joel earned a BA from James Madison University in Telecommunications. He then gained experience as a staff member of several production facilities and television stations. The live news environment taught Joel how to meet tight deadlines. The production environment focused him on maintaining the quality of his work. During his tenure at these jobs, he continually worked as a freelancer which added to his wealth of knowledge.

Philosophy – Joel combines the best production skills with a positive attitude to make sure you not only get a good product but that you enjoy the production experience. Joel has the skills to work in a fast-paced news environment, a detail-oriented studio production or a multi-camera shoot and produce your video with the highest production values. The knowledge Joel has gained from thousands of shoots gives him the experience to work in any situation, and the wisdom to adapt to new circumstances.

The Difference – While helping clients create amazing videos, Joel realized that most of the videos created by other companies looked great but were missing something. The customer. Even when these videos told a good story, they forgot about the customers’ needs. We make sure that we keep your customer and their needs in mind so we can connect them to you and bring you more business.

On the Personal Side – Joel enjoys being active and spending time outside with the family. Activities include boating, biking, rollerblading, and snow skiing. Some of his favorite adventures have been hiking and rafting in the Grand Canyon and exploring the caves of Belize.


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