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Madison Harrison

Founder, Photos with Madison

Madison Harrison is a bubbly, precocious and compassionate little girl. As a 10-year-old photographer, entrepreneur, storyteller, actor and philanthropist Madison has learned how to bring some of her biggest dreams to life. While most three year olds might choose to smash cake at their birthday party, Madison picked up her camera for the very first time and hasn’t put it down since. Just a few months shy of her seventh birthday, Madison was inspired to start her very own photography business.

Since launching Photos With Madison she has been behind the lens for three weddings and various fashion runway events, but the main thing that fuels her passion is creating and capturing memories for children. When she is not clicking the shutter button with her private clients, Madison throws fun photo shoot parties for girls and their dolls.

As a storyteller, Madison has a passion for inspiring children of all ages to follow their dreams. When sharing her story at different conferences and events, one of her favorite sayings is “Don’t stop believing in yourself.” She shares even more inspiration through Madison’s Motivational Moments which can be received via subscription from her website at Photos With Madison.

In June 2016, one of Madison’s ultimate dreams came true when she was invited to attend the United State of Women summit hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. The invitation and the White House Press Pool Media Credentials opened the door for her to take her dream photo of the President of the United States.

In September of 2016, Madison was featured on the season premiere of the Steve Harvey show, where she not only got a chance to dazzle red carpet guests with her interviewing skills, she also took selfies with John Legend. Then she got to sit with Steve Harvey himself where he interviewed her as a part of his Extraordinary Kids segment. In October 2016, Madison graced the red carpet again as a Special Correspondent for Steve Harvey in Los Angeles, California. This time she interviewed and took selfies with three of the greatest, Tyler Perry, T.D. Jakes and Oprah Winfrey!

In her free time, Madison enjoys working on her first mystery novel. She also writes for a local newspaper and a national kids fashion magazine.

Even though Madison has a great passion for taking photos, she loves to play with her dolls, talk to her friends on the phone, read, write and play tennis. Madison loves acting and currently trains with acting coach, Vince Vanni. Madison plans to one day become a director and own her own movie studio.

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