Rick & Nancy Monsipapa

Founders at Nail the Sale

Rick & Nancy have over forty years of combined selling experience. Rick has been in sales since he graduated college at California State University – Chico. Having been a lifelong entrepreneur since the age of 11, he has started and operated over twenty different businesses with his chain of coffee houses being his claim to fame. Rick met Nancy when they were both employed by a construction software company and he was the corporate sales trainer responsible for on-boarding new sales staff and helping them be successful quickly selling a SaaS online tool. After graduating from Miami University of Ohio, Nancy knew that sales was the role she wanted. Nancy answered an advertisement in the local paper for Cutco Knives and started selling in people’s homes. After several roles in tetail, not-for-profit, restaurant and Owning and Operating a Concrete company she found her way back into sales and has never looked back. Rick & Nancy have been recognized as high performers at several of the companies they worked for in the past and now want to pass their years of wisdom of selling and business ownership to you, the entrepreneur. Their goal is to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to higher achievement around the world.

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