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Tiffanie Kellog is the author of 4 ½ Networking Mistakes: Maximize your Networking Efforts by Avoiding Common Mistakes, a cutting-edge guide to avoiding the gaffes that even experts tell you to make. She entered the entrepreneurial world in 2003 and quickly discovered that referrals and networking were the most powerful approaches to growing her business. In 2006, she began sharing her system for success, and since then has shared her knowledge with thousands of professionals across the country, helping them grow their businesses and make more money.

With Tiffanie’s insights, instead of an epiphany, people get to experience an “eTiffanie,” a new way of looking at growth that helps entrepreneurs increase their profit while saving time. Because of her innovative approach and engaging speaking style, she has been recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as one of the top business speakers in the Tampa Bay area!

In all she does, Tiffanie is committed to helping revolutionize the way business owners and entrepreneurs think about marketing. “Growing a business by referrals is a dream for many entrepreneurs,” says Tiffanie. “My goal is to help them achieve their dreams by giving them the tools to make more money in less time, so they can have more fun.”

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