Juliann Nichols

CEO, Focus on YOU Strategy; Chair - Focus on Entrepreneurs, Inc.

Have you ever seen a lightbulb come to life?  That’s how some describe business strategist, Entrepreneur expert, Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus on YOU Strategy.   Many say it’s her high energy and bright, sunny disposition.  Others say it’s her warm and welcoming personality or her contagious sense of humor.  Most agree, however, it’s ALL due to her astute head for business and quick thinking: her ability to problem solve and overcome challenges of all varieties that make her such an innovative business catalyst.

With over 35 years’ entrepreneurial experience, Juliann Nichols walks her talk by cultivating a personal brand that demonstrates who she is, no matter what she’s doing.  Juliann is a native of Kansas City.  Her first entrepreneurial company at age 16 as a Mobile Disc Jockey, building a loyal following over 8 years. After attending Emporia State University on a scholarship in Theater with a goal to be a film director with Stephen Speilberg, she continued as a DJ at night and Legal Assistant by day.  When an unexpected family emergency turned a negative into a positive, she immediately launched her second business, LCS Investigations. A full service Private Detective Agency.   As CEO/Chief Investigator with only her reputation and contacts in hand, she soon held one of the largest private investigation service contracts issued by the State of Kansas. She grew that company for 14 years before selling it and moving on to her next set of adventures.  Since then, she worked as a business development executive for both private industry clients and community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and a national woman’s networking group.  During that time, Juliann also launched BBOK Bags, a division of BBOKN Enterprises, a full line of custom-made handbags for sale in upscale shops and boutiques; a business she built and grew for nearly 6 years until the recession hit.   It was during the recession that many of her peers were inquiring, how she grew a business that Focus on You Strategy was created.

Part creative ninja, part connector and mentor, serial entrepreneur – Juliann founded Focus on YOU Strategy in 2007, after perceiving the need for a proactive business advisor who challenges the status quo, asks the right questions, and adds value to every interaction.  She not only thinks outside the box, but is ready to reinvent or smash the box by developing strategic plans and recommendations for individuals and businesses needing to identify and understand the challenges of their businesses, and how to overcome them.   In short, she knows how to Bring out the CEO in YOU.

Her commitment to the success of others shines through every conversation, and the most common phrase during any meeting is, “What can I do for you?”  She also brings that passion to her charitable and community endeavors, joining the Board of Powerstories Theatre, Inc., a local non-profit which stages inspirational, true stories that open minds and hearts, and Women and Leadership Philanthropy at USF.  Recently she created a not for profit- Focus On Entrepreneurs Inc., raises money to educate entrepreneurs.

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