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09 Mar 2017

Want a hot tip to get your customer to do the marketing for you?

Written by: Susie Pecuch

Imagine you’re on beautiful Anna Maria Island off the west coast of Florida. You take a break from the sun and make your way up the island’s main street. You stroll past several stores that feature the expected beach t-shirts and souvenirs, huge sale banners and then you come across… This hand-painted sign that reads: Our shop is Open just for you!

Curious? Put a smile on your face? Perhaps you’ve learned something about who is inside before your hand even touches the doorknob?  

As business owners, we get customers in the door any way we can – sales, blogs, ad campaigns, but let’s ask ourselves, “What is the REAL goal?”

The “Open Just for You” sign is at an art co-op where local artists sell art and products featuring the beach. The store, called The Back Alley, bills itself as “wild treasures for funky souls.”

I like art. I like to think I am a funky soul. Even more, I like to think that I am special enough that someone is open “JUST for Me.” To top it off, I can’t resist a great moment that makes me smile. Can you? Continue reading Want a hot tip to get your customer to do the marketing for you?

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